mCloud “Business environment.” The era of CRM, ERP, and other corporative systems fields are our history. This is not a trend but our vision of future in business of program software. We firmly believe that business should be managed from a single place and, more precisely, by one complex software package which solves problems of a particular company but not all and sundry. You receive the software which is needed right for your business but not an abstract set of CRM, ERP, MRP systems from different vendors which should constantly be supported and which require tracking the interrelation between all blocks. Besides, with each update of one of the enterprise blocks, the company has to call for integrators to help. mCloud is the business environment which includes three components: a set of tools, knowledge base, and experts. All this is in one place. You can keep the project using the best world practices which are programmed as application and excellent interface. You also have an opportunity to get knowledge and updates about the market and products from branch resources which are integrated into the environment. You can work with your team or even impart an outside expert with a worldwide reputation to your project with a few clicks in mCloud or simply using a credit card.

The product was born at the joint of three branches: marketing, knowledge management and IT. We managed to befriend the world leaders from these areas and to involve them in the project. And now we can proudly say that responsible for the marketing in the project are Lack Trout, Steven Mann, Vadim Shiriaev: for knowledge management – Ron Young, and the technical part we took upon ourselves. mCloud is the respond to time. A business could only dream about something like this two or three years ago. Now this is as available as any other new gadget. Just take it and use it!

Today mCloud is a separate growing business with more than 50 offline schools around the world which are used by thousands of business leaders and owners.